Up The Creek Without A Paddle - The untold story from the diaries of Dave and Jenny Gilpin

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This is the diary of Dave and Jenny Gilpin. It's an honest and intimate record of their journey from arriving on British soil to them establishing a church that would become a 21st century template for new generation churches across the British Isles. It records all they felt, all they experienced and all of their successes and failures. It will encourage you hugely in your own journey of faith and ministry.

'Up The Creek - Without A Paddle' covers the first 22 years of Hope City Church and records the emergence of both people and dreams that have since impacted the nation, including

  • The beginning of the new 'multisite' model of church life that's sweeping the nations. 
  • The history of Glyn and Sophia Barrett and the beginning of Audacious Conference and Audacious Church.
  • The start of City Hearts giving huge support to women with life controlling issues as well as people rescued from human trafficking.
  • The launch of 'Night Of Honour' across Great British cities and towns. 
  • PLUS - A review of the past decade of Hope City Church and it's passion to reinvent.