Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs

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Dave Gilpin has discovered that when he's been going through troubled times, the 'one set of footprints' in the sand aren't always the footprints of Jesus but his own size 10s. Someone's telling porkies! God wants to create strong champions, not just needy children. Since then, Dave has discovered other 'sacred cows' grazing in the field of our faith.

The Perfection Cow - It tells us that we can all expect a life of perfect health, absolute wealth and endless happiness if we only believe more. 

The Success Cow - There's no room for failure with this cow. It only associates with winning and winners.

The Religious Cow - It looks at any cow with the world 'prosperity' stamped on it and declares that it definitely can't be a part of the real gospel. 

The Holiness Cow - It says that if you're really close to God you should be getting handfuls of prophecy before lunchtime and a word of knowledge over everyone at the bus stop. 

Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ's has been written to free you of the burdens and pressures that these cows radiate and leave you feeling great... and challenged to enlarge your world.