Prophesy : A Devotional Book by Jenny Gilpin

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'Prophesy' is a devotional book filled with the insights and wisdom of Jenny Gilpin. It's a book forged out of the quarry of 'impossibility.' You won't find such treasures washed up on the shores of an easy life, but from a heart committed to breaking free from pain, breaking free from smallness, and a heart committed to breaking into the full potential of heaven. 

Jenny Gilpin's prophetic, laser-like precision will transform your life as each page is turned.

"The power of prophecy cannot be underestimated. Just as God created the universe through speaking, so we too create our world's with our words. And when they are the words of God Himself - nothing is impossible. Thanks Jenny for putting together such an important collection of creative declarations. Those who take from this book what's been declared and prophesied will transform their world."
-Phil Pringle
President - C3 Global